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A song created by Mason Kline using sounds from the Hallam Lab.

Recreating Import Moments in Science

Watson and Crick
Evan Durno and Keith Mewis next to James D. Watson and Francis Crick, the discoverers of DNA's structure. Thank you to Chelsea Go for photography and editing, Rosie Redfield for advice, and David Ng for props.
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The "Wo-Manhattan Project"
The Manhattan Project was established during the Second World War to develop the atomic bomb. Manhattan Project physicists at Los Alamos, from left to right (first picture): Kenneth Bainbridge, Joseph Hoffman, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Louis Hempelman, Robert Bacher, Victor Weisskopf, Richard Dodson.

The Wo-Manhattan Project was established as an art project to capture both the profound impact of science as well as the change in the demographics of scientists. Wo-Manhattan Project scientists at UBC, from left to right (first picture): Esther Gies, Monica Torres-Beltran, Frances Russell, Aria Hahn, Natasha Sihota, Elena Zaikova , Melanie Scofield. Thank you to W. Evan Durno for help with costumes and background as well as Chelsea Go for her wonderful photography.
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