Antoine Pagé

The Hallam Lab

Investigating microbial communities…
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Antoine Pagé

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research interests:
  • Microbial biogeochemistry
  • Archaeal physiology
  • Ecology of extremophiles
  • Geomicrobiology

I study the roles of microorganisms in marine biogeochemical cycles. Currently, the objectives of my research are to describe: (1) the molecular mechanisms underlying the anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM), and (2) the processes controlling the activity of microorganisms that catalyze AOM in marine sediments. I use environmental genomics and proteomics as tools to reconstruct metabolic pathways, evaluate genome diversity, and interpret physiological diversity in specific phylogenetic clusters.

Ph.D. Biology Portland State University
M.Sc. Océanographie Université du Québec (Rimouski)
B.Sc. Biologie Université du Québec (Montréal)

  • Pagé, A., Tivey, M.K., Stakes, D.S., Reysenbach, A.L. (2008) Temporal and spatial archaeal colonization of hydrothermal vent deposits. Environmental Microbiology 10:874-884.
  • Pagé, A., Juniper, S.K., Olagnon, M., Alain, K., Desrosiers, G., Qurellou, J., Cambon-Bonavita, M.A. (2004) Microbial diversity associated with a Paralvinella sulfincola tube and the adjacent substratum on an active deep-sea vent chimney. Geobiology 2:225-238.
  • Alain, K., Rolland, S., Crassous, P., Lesongeur, F., Zbinden, M., Le Gall, C., Godfroy, A., Pagé, A., Juniper, S.K., Cambon-Bonavita, M.A., Duchiron, F., Qurellou, J. (2003) Desulfurobacterium crinifex sp. nov., a novel thermophilic, pinkish-streamer forming, chemolithoautotrophic bacterium isolated from a Juan de Fuca Ridge hydrothermal vent and amendment of the genus Desulfurobacterium. Extremophiles 7:361-370.
  • Alain, K., Olagnon, M., Desbruyères, D., Pagé, A., Barbier, G., Juniper, S.K., Qurellou, J., Cambon-Bonavita, M.A. (2002) Phylogenetic characterization of the bacterial assemblage associated with the hydrothermal vent polychaete Paralvinella palmiformis. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 42:463-476.