Keith Mewis

The Hallam Lab

Investigating microbial communities…
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Keith Mewis

PhD Student
office phone: 604-827-4216
fax: 604-822-6041

Research interests:
  • Functional Metagenomics
  • High-throughput Biology
  • Biophysics

My research involves the study of organic matter degradation via the discovery of glycosyl hydrolase genes through a combination of functional and in silico screening methods. By studying environments ranging from marine and aquatic ecosystems to forest soils and coal bed methane, we hope to find a diverse range of novel enzymes with commercial applications. I have developed an automated high-throughput screening method capable of analyzing tens to hundreds of thousands of individual clones per day. Current work is focused on adapting this methodology for work in yeast, as well as the screening of individual single cells isolated from the environment. We are also working to expand the scope of the screen to identify genes mediating hemicellulose and lignin modification.

2004-2009 - B.Sc Honours Biophysics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Work Experience:
2008-2010 - Hansen Lab, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UBC
2010-present - Hallam Lab, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, UBC