Monica Torres Beltran

The Hallam Lab

Investigating microbial communities…
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Monica Torres-Beltran

PhD student

office phone: 604-827-4216

Research Interests:
  • Microbial ecology: bacterial communities linkage and energy flows
  • Stable isotopes ecology: linking phylogeny to function
  • Bioactive compounds production linked to environmental function

For my PhD I’ll be working with Saanich Inlet bacterial communities dynamics and energy transfer trying to identify the interspecific relation between seasonally bacterial networks using the Stable Isotope Probing (SIP) as the main experimental approach.

2007-2009 - M.Sc Coastal Oceanography, University of Baja California, Mexico.
2002-2007 - B.Sc Oceanography, University of Baja California, Mexico.

  • Evaluation of the Gulf of California as a potential source of bioactive marine actinobacteria. M. Torres-Beltrán, F. Cardoso-Martínez, N. Millán-Aguiñaga, A. Becerril-Espinosa, I.E. Soria-Mercado.(2012). International Journal of Marine Sciences. In press.
  • Microbial community structure across fluid gradients in the Juan de Fuca Ridge hydrothermal system (2012). Anderson, Rika, Torres Beltran, Monica, Hallam, Steven and Baross, J. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. In press.