Connor Morgan-Lang

The Hallam Lab

Investigating microbial communities…
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Connor Morgan-Lang

M.Sc. Student, Bioinformatics Program
office phone: 604-842-6751
fax: 604-822-6041

Research interests:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Single-cell genomics
  • Microbial genomics and evolution

I am currently studying the utility of single-cell genomics in a broad range of environments that have implications in the agricultural and medical industries. A sample of these environments include Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island, wastewater treatment plants, and the human microbiome. A commonality of these environments is the inability to culture the lion's share of their respective bacterial cohorts. Indeed, a canonical solution is to sequence the DNA from a sample of the environment (metagenomics) but this approach is limited in its ability to reliably study the DNA from a single species. Single-cell genomics is the best option to achieve organismal singularity while not being restricted by the inadequacies of modern culturing techniques. 

My thesis will hover between high-throughput analytics and bioinformatic software development, focusing on applications in environmental microbiology. I look forward to starting my Masters degree in Bioinformatics and seeing where else single-cell genomics may hold value.

2009-2014 - B.Sc. Biology, specialization in Cell Biology and Genetics, University of British Columbia