Kateryna Ievdokymenko

The Hallam Lab

Investigating microbial communities…
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Kateryna Ievdokymenko
MSc student

Genome Science and Technology program

e-mail: ievdokymenko@gmail.com
office phone: 604-827-4216

Research Interests:
  • Functional metagenomics and high-throughput screening
  • The role of cooperation in microbial communities
  • Synthetic ecology

2008-2012 - B.Sc. Honours in General & Molecular Genetics, Taras Shevchenko National university of Kyiv, Ukraine

1) Strachan C. R., Singh R., VanInsberghe D., Ievdokymenko K., Budwill K., Mohn W., Eltis L.D., Hallam S. J. (2014). Metagenomic scaffolds enable combinatorial lignin transformation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(28), 10143–8. 

2) Rozhok AI, Ievdokymenko KS, Kozeretska IA (2012) "On the persistence of P element in cultured lineages of Drosophila melanogaster". - Cytology and Genetics 46(4).