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Posters presented by our lab members.

SAB 2013

Biomining Cellulases from the Environment Using Functional Metagenomic and in silico Screening Approaches
Presented at the 2013 Science Advisory Board meeting in Vancouver, BC.
K. Mewis, S. Kheirandish, Z. Armstrong, Y.C. Song, N. Hanson, K. Konwar, W.W. Mohn, and S.J. Hallam

SAB 2013

MetaPathways: A Modular Pipeline for Constructing Pathway/Genome Databases from Environmental Sequence Information
Presented at the 2013 Science Advisory Board meeting in Vancouver, BC.
N.W. Hanson, K.M. Konwar, A.P. Pagé, and S.J. Hallam

Genome BC 2013

Probing the Depths of Soil Microbial Community Structure in Harvested and Unmanaged Soil Profiles
Presented at the 2013 Genome BC and the Student Biotechnology Network forum in Vancouver, BC.
A.S. Hahn, N.W. Hanson, K.M. Konwar, Z. Armstrong, M. Scofield, and S.J. Hallam

Gordon Conference 2013

High Throughput Functional Screening Approaches for Discovering Biomass Conversion Enzymes
Presented at the 2013 Gordon Conference on Cellulosomes, Cellulases, and other Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymes in Andover, NH.
Z. Armstrong, T. Hinder, K. Mewis, S.J. Hallam, and S.G. Withers

CSHRF 2011

Influence of Commensal Microbes on Host Innate Immune Response in a Model Sponge - Archael Symbiosis
Presented at the 2011 Canadian Student Health Research Forum in Winnepeg, MB.
E. Zaikova, Y. Chen, G.D. Mercer, and S.J. Hallam

AGU 2010

Temporal Variation in Bacterial Community Structure in the Ocean's Interior
Presented at the 2010 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR.
J.J. Wright, K. Mitchell, D.A. Walsh, H. Shevchuk, A. Merzouk, P.D. Tortell, and S.J. Hallam